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Not all kitchens are large in size but never too small to improved functionality and esthetics. Like this kitchen remodeling project in a Federal Hill rowhome. The room was clearly added to the original house, at some point in time, and needed a lot of TLC on in the inside as well as on the outside. We planned to replaced the doors and windows in the addition but were not ready to discover a wonderful surprise - an old window framing in the exterior wall.

This discovery also presented a wonderful design opportunity: extend the window sill into a countertop and place a floating bookshelf on the wall below.

Fridge and pantry were tucked into an alcove opposite the back patio door.

Result is an airy and modern kitchen with plenty of work surfaces. And the slate floor seamlessly connected the indoor and outdoor spaces.


Our goal is to create unique and modern spaces that are both functional and beautiful, and tailored to our clients needs.

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