Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Your alarm goes off.

You hit the snooze button.

9 minutes later, it goes off again. (By the way: why is it 9 minutes?)

You jolt yourself out of bed and stumble to the bathroom to “make yourself look pretty” before heading off to work. Each day we plod through our morning routines like one of Pavlov’s dogs, most of the time without considering all that goes into it. Can you imagine not having those products and tools? Or not to have a proper place to amass them all? Although a bathroom tends to be generally the smallest room in the home, it is the busiest place second only to the kitchen. Having well-organized bathrooms becomes necessary especially with larger families.

Yes, it's time to pay homage to the everyday items that make you, you, each morning. And to the one place that stores them all: your medicine cabinet. Wait - there's (now) more to your medicine cabinet than mirrors and shelves, it too has been gadgetized !

Sure, you still have to make you basic choices between:

  • Recessed or surface mount?

  • Framed or frameless?

  • Beveled or flat edge mirror?

But after that, it’s all bonus features. Let’s start with lighting: integrated LED light strips. With a dimmer. With a night light switch. Cannot image a sleeker way to replace those Hollywood-style lighted makeup mirrors (a.k.a. light bulb bars) and still get the best illumination for your face. (For you selfie aficionados, this idea has recently been adapted to smart phone covers.)

Next, we surely would like to set the right mood with some music … speakers (via Bluetooth connectivity) come attached to the sides of a cabinet and provide more of directive sound; or the mirror surface is utilized to broadcast your faves into the entire space around the mirror. Should you prefer to watch your morning news channel, mirror TV is the feature for you.

While you shower or bathe, turn on the built-in defogger to prevent moisture from forming on the surface and to keep your mirror ready for when you are.

Now let’s explore the interior of our medicine cabinet … hmm, why do we call it a medicine cabinet anyways? Would we really store our vitamins and prescriptions in a humid, warm environment? Doubt it. Unless … it has cold storage unit (and with a lock, at best).

As we open the door, interior light turns on (turns off when closed). Adjustable shelves and storage compartments may seem fairly standard unless we add a magnetic strip to the mix, for docking metal implements. Interior electrical outlets will keep your vanity top uncluttered and your rechargeable grooming tools always ready. And one of my personal must-have accessories : magnifying mirror, preferably illuminated.

Multipurpose medicine cabinets are just another great way to add functionality, perhaps even luxury, to your bathroom. And why not have that spa/hotel-like bathroom in your home? Since structural and electrical modifications may be needed to install a new unit, add it to your wish list prior meeting with your bathroom designer, and rely on her/his professional experiences to get the most out of your investment.


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