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E V E R Y   P R O J E C T   I S   A   P R O C E S S.

It takes time, energy, concentration, decisions, and money.


Because of our unique combination of knowledge and skills in residential construction and architectural design, we are able to quickly identify the possibilities as well as challenges of each project.

We are not architects. We are not interior designers.

We are interior architects and construction brokers.

We do not estimate projects, we APPRAISE them.

We help you take the confusion (and change orders) out of the process.

There are three core parts to our COMPREHENSIVE PROJECT APPRAISAL:

  • Design

  • Project Scope

  • Cost Analysis

Design's primary focus is on functionality, feasibility, high-quality products and overall added value. We strive to develop as close of a final look as possible, in order to create Project Scope, which is the backbone to the future contracts. It spells out everything that you are getting for your money, but also what is optional or not included. Having completed these two core CPA parts, we can actively open bidding on your project. We take pride in placing skilled and highly qualified craftsman on each of our job sites, find the right fit for each project. And because there are specific criteria to price, no guessing, our final Cost Analysis will accurately assess what your investment will be for the proposed project.




F O R  T H E  H O M E O W N E R S :

  • turn-key solution : from concept to delivery

  • remodeling & renovation projects 

  • new home construction

  • kitchen & bath specialists

  • custom cabinetry design & installation

  • product and material selections & procurement

  • construction brokering

  • project management & advocacy


F O R   T H E   P R O F E S S I O N A L S :

  • client concierge services

  • project design & documentation

  • product specifications & procurement

  • project administration

  • custom cabinetry


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