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Homeowners have challenges.

We have solutions.


With so many products and service providers

on the market, it is nearly impossible not to get overwhelmed by the numbers of selections needed during your custom remodeling project,

Not to mention determining budgets, scheduling, ordering and deliveries, MEP planning and managing those providers.

Unless you are well-versed in construction yourself, it can be difficult to work with contractors, subcontractors, and vendors.

Project planning and management is an essential part of our work, the ADDED VALUE to our design build services, and often praised by our clients. We work as your LIAISON so your project runs more smoothly, you are less-stressed, and the inevitable hiccups that arise can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Afterall, time is money ...

Steps in our Project Planning process:

* Consultation meeting, Scope of Work

* Product Selection and Design Phase

* Design Presentation

* Finalizing Products and Materials

* Contract Signing

* Production Phase - ordering and deliveries

* Pre-construction Meeting

* Construction Phase

* Final inspection and Project Sign-off

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