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Full-service DESIGN+BUILD company, blending our highest regards for quality and craftsmanship with modern comforts and conveniences. Our dedication to the clients is on the forefront of every project.

We collaborate not only with homeowners but also with our trade partners (architects, interior designers, builders and developers, general contractors, skilled trades, product specialists) to develop and deliver turn-key package customized to their wants, needs and investment levels.


  • Remodeling & new construction project

  • Architectural design, drafting, 3D modeling

  • Product specifications & procurement (concierge)

  • Construction materials recommendation

  • Builder/contractor bidding and selection process

  • Client advocacy, job site troubleshooting and problem solving



Principal Designer

Featured on HOUZZ

Award-winning design professional; passionate about residential construction; specializing in kitchens, bathrooms and architectural space planning. Always ready to deliver fresh European outlook on traditional American design, as well as push the boundaries with innovative products and materials.


"It is important to tailor every one of our projects to reflect our clients’ personalities and lifestyle while improving the functionality of the spaces, promoting wellness and quality of living."


The key is to make our clients FEEL the comforts and luxuries of their home, long before the construction process ends. Their home should evoke happiness, safety, comfort and instant relaxation from everyday life stresses.

Hailing from Czech Republic, growing up with construction and creativity all around me, I learned the value of good design and skilled trades very early on. I followed in my Father's footsteps to complete a 4-year technical high school with diploma in Construction Management, and then continued to study Residential Construction and Architectural Design at University in Prague. These (and many other experiences) allow me to bring a unique outlook of every project - as a designer and as a construction manager. And clients learn to quickly appreciate my role as their advocate for troubleshooting unexpected issues, to find solutions that will be cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.  

I thrive on continued education, networking and team development. I appreciate and respect all trade professionals, the importance of open communication, organizational skills and multi-tasking. And I enjoy educating clients about latest developments in our industry, to present them with best possible options for their project.  


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